4 Midsummer love customs still used today

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4 Midsummer love customs still used today

Midsummer, the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere, and a special time for Nordic countries when they celebrate love, marriage and the beginning of new life. This time is associated with love and celebration, including activities such as jumping through a bonfire, rolling naked in a field of dew, staying up till the early hours of the morning, or waiting for the first sound of the day. Sound like fun? Maybe, but in ancient times Nordic women believed that carrying out these rituals during the summer solstice would help them find a suitable husband. Many of these rituals still survive today and here we give you 4 to choose from.

The secret of the Bonfire

Bonfires were originally lit to ward off evil spirits and jumping through a fire during midsummer was considered an act of purification. But women soon found a new purpose for this tradition: Every girl that managed to jump over the flames without being harmed was lucky enough to get married before the end of the year.

Rolling in the morning dew…

…is not the start of a poem, but an ancient ritual carried out during midsummer. Morning dew was believed to posses healing and rejuvenating properties, with the effects being especially strong during the midsummer night. Roll, preferably naked, in a wet wheat field, and your husband will appear in your life within a year!

Listen to the first sound of the day

The first sounds to be heard the morning after the solstice were traditionally thought to predict your romantic future. If you hear the sound of bells from the south, then your future husband will come from the south and you will marry within a year. A child crying from the east? The love of your life will arrive from that direction and there will be many children in your marriage.

Love with a face

There are many customs and rituals that are used to attract love and the perfect husband, but who is the mysterious man said to appear in your life within a year? Collect eight different flowers on your way home from the midsummer celebrations, put them under your pillow and ‘the one’ will appear in your dreams!

A modern way to celebrate midsummer romance

Here at De Vindt we like the ancient customs. Psychologists confirm the positive effects of maintaining a connection with some of the simpler things in life, a connection and respect for nature, and a sense of shared community, all of which can provide sustainable well being and happiness. Lucky in love, lucky in life… the Nordic people are known to be the happiest people in the world. Are these love rituals their secret? We see every year that the late spring and early summer months are some of the busiest months for proposals, and just like the sun during the summer solstice, a diamond never fails to shine. The giving of an engagement ring is a simple yet elegant ritual that has carried across generations, and we hope it continues for years to come.

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Diamonds today symbolise status, majesty, and power, just as they did in ancient times. However, many consumers today are unaware of the unprincipled methods that are used to mine diamonds across the world – so called, dirty mining. De Vindt only uses ethical diamonds – these are diamonds that have traceable origins. We know from where every stone came, from which country and which producer. Combined with our re-cycled only gold policy, De Vindt produces some of the most ethical and environmental jewellery available today.


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