6 original engagement proposal locations

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6 original engagement proposal locations

We asked ourselves, where are the most original and romantic locations to pop the question? No, not the Eiffel Tower, your favourite restaurant or the spot where you two first met. We wanted to find beautiful and surprising locations that still had that romantic magic. Here we present our list of six original places to ask: “Will you marry me?

Galesnjak: The Heart Shaped Island in Croatia

A romantic work of art by mother nature: A heart shaped island in the Adriatic Sea. No-one realised how perfect the shape of this island was until it was discovered on Google Earth. From that moment on the island was named ‘lovers-island’. The private owner has to give lovers a special permission to enter the island. But after this hurdle is taken you have the whole island to yourself and your significant other to be!

The largest floating Christmas tree in the world

Christmas is the most popular time of the year to get engaged, according to an online survey by UK-based events agency Chillisauce, around 32 percent of the 10.000 people surveyed choose Christmas Eve as the best moment to propose. Bored of your Christmas Tree at home and in for an over the top proposal? Head over to Rio De Janeiro for real winter sun and use the moment to get on one knee in front of the world’s largest floating Christmas tree.

On Social Media

Is a wedding proposal in 140 characters romantic? Yes, according to 15 percent of the women surveyed by Chillisauce. They say they prefer a tech-based proposal over a face-to-face proposal. A majority of 58 percent of these women prefers their soon-to-be husband to propose through Social Media. E-mail and text are considered a less romantic option, coming in at respectively 4 and 6 percent on the popularity list.

On a secluded beach in Fiji

Are you willing to take 26 hours to get there and you have some cash to spare? Then why not take your lover to Fiji and propose on one of the secluded beaches on the island. According to the travel experts at online publication Travel & Leisure, Fiji is one of the most romantic places on earth to pop the question.

In Las Vegas

Get engaged in Las Vegas, the marriage capital of the world. While not the most original proposal location, the feeling here at De Vindt is, it’s still a winner. A bit of a cliché yes, but the sheer quirkiness means it makes the top 6. And nowhere can beat Las Vegas for speed - straight from proposal to wedding? There is no waiting time for a marriage license and a wedding can be as cheap as $60. Choose from lots of famous wedding themes, including a Star Trek themed wedding or Michael Jackson as your wedding singer? Everything is possible in sin city.

Forget about the Eiffel Tower

Paris the city of lovers. More than a hundred people a year get married at the Eiffel Tower and even more go there for a ‘romantic’ proposal. If you want a more private and original place to get engaged head to the Paris neighbourhood of Montmartre. Here you will find ‘Le mur des je t’aime’, or the ‘I love you wall’. This mural contains the phrase ‘I love you’ in more than 300 languages. Is there any better place to ask for the hand of your beloved.

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