8 reasons to wear recycled gold

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8 reasons to wear recycled gold

We love our jewellery; almost every jewellery piece we sell has a story. Bought for an engagement, an anniversary, the birth of a child - there is nearly always a reason - its one of the things that makes jewellery so special. But how does this pure and beautiful idea fit with the contradiction that is mined gold?

We live in an era of increasing consumer awareness. Issues such as the environment and the ethics are now important to consumers. Gold was one of the first materials to be recycled because its easy to melt and process. The Greeks did it, the Romans did it, so why are we now only just discovering the benefits of 100% recycled gold?

Though most jewellery contains some recycled gold, here at De Vindt, 100% re-cycled gold is the only acceptable choice for our jewellery; there are no technical barriers to making this happen, so why isn’t it more common?

We believe you, the consumer, would choose recycled gold if you knew the impact that mining has. Would you buy a real fur coat? Would you buy a Mahogony table sourced from the Amazon? The common answer would be “no”. The production of gold in most areas of the world is polluting and dangerous, not only for the miners and local communities, but also for the wider global community. On average, 20 tons of earth have to be moved and processed to produce enough gold for one 18 karat wedding ring and 60% of gold produced is used in jewellery production. By choosing recycled gold, you can have a postive impact. Here are 8 simple reasons for choosing recycled gold..

1 - No indigenous species impacted

Gold mining damages local plants and animals. Our recycled gold has almost zero environmental damage and is recyled in controlled clean environments.

2 - No heavy metal pollution

Gold mining uses mercury in processing and in some cases cyanide and frequently these substances leak into the environment. Our recycled gold neither produces nor uses any mercury or cyanide in its production.

3 - No health impact.

Gold mining causes health problems locally for communities through dust generation and polluted drinking water, and with artisanal mining, heavy mercury migrates globally into the earths water and weather systems.

4 - No high energy usage.

Producing recycled gold is very energy efficient for 2 reasons:
a) the recycling process itself doesn’t require energy intensive digging and processing of mostly useless rock and earth, and
b) unlike mining, the recycling takes place close to where the gold will be consumed. This geographical proximity means that environmental damage and CO2 emissions due to transportation are very low compared to mining. Our gold is recycled in Northern Europe, close to where our customers are.

5 - No corruption.

A significant proportion of the worlds mined gold is found in remote often underdeveloped areas of the planet. These areas have low levels of security and high official corruption levels. More than with any other metal, gold’s universal appeal and compact physical dimensions facilitate its use as a “blood” currency.

6 - No exploitation.

A large proportion - about 30% by weight, of mined gold comes from poorer areas of the world. In these areas adults and children are vulnerable and open to exploitation. Some gold mines uses children for manual labour under exploitative conditions.

7 - No agricultural degradation.

Most gold mines are located in river beds and areas close to rivers - that is how the gold got there - washed there by rivers and rain. Gold mining reduces the agricultural land available :
a) because the mines themselves remove top soil and pollute areas far beyond beyond the mine and
b) because farm workers are leaving the fields in large numbers to become miners. In 2015 over 100,000 farm workers left their fields to start artisanal gold mining.

8 - Its the same price

Our recycled gold is no more expensive than conventional mined gold and cheaper than fairtrade gold. We don’t believe you should pay a premium for not damaging the planet. You might think that the problems of gold mining are over stated, and that recent initiatives have fixed the issue. This guardian article from June 2016 shows a different picture.

By knowing the facts about mining, you can make informed choices and help us to put the shine back into gold. If you have an opinion about this article, write a review or comment below.

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Now more than ever, people are interested and aware of the ethical and environmental impact their purchases have. De Vindt only uses 100% re-cycled gold and precious metals. We only use ethical Canadian diamonds and lab created coloured diamonds. Our mission, be the most ethical, environmental and energy efficient diamond jewellery producer that technology today allows.


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