Happy Birthday Máxima - A tribute

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Happy Birthday Máxima - A tribute

May 17th - The Birthday of Queen Máxima of the The Netherlands. Born in 1971, Máxima is a respected and loved Queen who’s entry into Dutch high society appears successful and effortless. Here we celebrate her birthday by paying a jewellery tribute to this popular royal who has a great eye for style.

A Dutch Latina - combining styles

Máxima is from Argentina and in some ways her latin roots show through in her dress styles and jewellery choices. She loves jewellery and combines royal duties with a practical sophistication that looks effortless and natural. For some occasions she must wear state jewellery but when able, she is also willing to wear her own personal jewellery for public duties. She prefers to use colour - favouring precious stones such as orange citrine and sapphires in bold designs.

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Queen Máxima

Máxima’s engagement ring

Her independence can be seen in her choice of engagement ring. Máxima didn’t go for the classic solitaire ring, or even a variation of that design. Her engagement ring was made by Steltman of The Hague, one of the oldest jewellers in the Netherlands, but the ring itself is anything but traditional. She chose a dual split band design encompassing an orange oval diamond and white side diamonds, with small white side stones in the bands. Engagement rings with side stones and more intricate design are popular in southern europe and south america, though not normally with the magnificent oval orange diamond she picked as the centre stone. That orange diamond links her to the royal house of Oranje-Nassau and the dutch national colour. A perfect example of her ability to blend her own taste with her position as then princess and future queen.

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Queen Máxima’s engagement ring

Une ‘hommage - our Máxima ring

We wanted to pay a tribute to Máxima, so we decided to re-create her ring using our own diamond stock and recycled gold. We didn’t want to produce an exact copy - there should only be one royal engagement ring, but we did use the main design elements. Máxima’s own ring uses white gold and an oval shaped orange natural diamond. As an ethical company, we can’t use a mined orange stone so we used one of our new orange round lab diamonds, with white lab grown diamonds on each side. In the white gold bands we used the same number and size of white diamonds set in the same way - except our small side stones are Canadian - the most ethical and environmentally friendly mined diamonds in the world.

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De Vindt tribute ring

The result is stunning and elegant, yet wearable and not out of place in a jeweller’s atelier or boutique window. The design is as fresh and on trend as it was in 2002 when the royal couple first announced their engagement.

360 degree video of the De Vindt tribute ring

At the moment there are are no plans to make and sell this ring, but we are pleased with the result.

Happpy Birthday Maxima !

We’d love to hear your opinions about our own tribute ring. Let us know via the comment section below.

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