JCK Las Vegas: Jewellery show news.

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JCK Las Vegas: Jewellery show news.

The jewellery industry came together for one of the world’s biggest jewellery expos: JCK Las Vegas. . Retailers, buyers and experts from all over the world gathered in Las Vegas from the 3rd till the 6th of June 2016 to buy, sell and learn the newest trends in jewellery. This year, the event is bigger than ever with an expected attendance of over 23.000 buyers. While the sun blazes on the roof of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, in the air conditioned interior, some of the biggest names in jewellery showcase their latest designs. Gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones are everywhere, an Aladdin’s cave of jewellery.

Ethically sourced materials

Here at De Vindt, we are pleased to see JCK describing ethically sourced materials as one of the leading jewellery trends for 2016. Consumers, and especially millennials, want to know where products originate from and how they reach the markets. Whether it is food or jewellery, 75 percent of the consumers aged 18 till 35 value corporate philanthropy, according to a survey released by online publication Elite Daily . The biggest names in jewellery are jumping on the bandwagon of ethically sourced materials. Rio Tinto, a multinational mining company, announced during JCK Las Vegas 2016 that it will put transparency on the origin of a diamond at the heart of their sales and marketing strategy.

Swarovski ventures into lab-grown diamonds

One more big name to venture into the ethically sourced materials-trend is Swarovski. The company, best known for its crystal jewellery and figures, brought their first collection of lab-made diamonds to the US consumer in May 2016, though we understand that there are no immediate plans to launch the Swarovski Diama range in Europe. The Diama-collection shares the philosophy of Swarovski-founder Daniel Swarovski, who had a deep respect for nature. The lab-made diamond is labelled by Swarovski as ‘socially conscious and 100% conflict-free.’ Daniel J. Cohen, executive board member and member of the founding family, said in an interview with JCK that the lab-made diamond industry is ‘ripe’ for business growth opportunity. According to information from market research firm NPD Group the sale of lab-made diamonds in the US has tripled in 2016.

Unconventional engagement rings

Out with the old, in with new! One obvious trend during JCK Las Vegas 2016 is unconventional and coloured engagement rings. Although white diamond engagement rings are still very popular, many exhibitors added a splash of colour to their engagement ring collections. There where many colours to pick from during this weekend’s exhibitions: Engagement rings with green, yellow and aquamarine stones, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Could this popularity of coloured stones be due to the large number of coloured diamonds auctioned by Christie’s in the weeks leading up to JCK 2016? Whatever the reason, here at De Vindt we love coloured engagement rings and we think the trend is here to stay!

Its not only us that likes Orange

While many of the designs at the show are beautiful, most notable show pieces are frivolus and impractical to wear. Its the same at couture fashion shows - you love the clothes, but even if you could afford them, would you wear them yourself?

But we do love these beautiful diamond earrings by New York jewellery boutique Gem Platinum, and we’re not the only ones. JCK magazine has highlighted these as being right on trend and voted in the top 10 show jewellery pieces the JCK team would most like to own.

Orange diamond earrings by New Your boutique - Gem Platinum.

These are elegant and practical, though not quite affordable at $26,000. At devindt.com you can buy orange diamond earrings from our own Ice n Fire collection.

…and finally…. a Muhhamad Ali tribute

This weekend saw the sad passing of former heavyweight boxing champion Muhhamad Ali. The sports legend was honoured at JCK Las Vegas by the release of a jewellery collection inspired by him. Jewellery Twenty Three 9 Design acquired the license to design a Muhhamad Ali collection a few years ago. The release of the collection on the same day as Ali’s passing is a coincidence. The company had already announced the debut of the collection during JCK Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Their collection includes boxing glove charms, cufflinks with inspirational quotes and necklaces with photographs of the legendary boxer.

Boxing clever - Ali diamond studded boxing gloves by Jewellery Twenty Three 9 Design

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Diamonds today symbolise wealth, majesty and power, just as they did in ancient times. However, consumers today are aware of unprincipled methods used to mine diamonds across the world – so called, dirty mining. De Vindt uses the 3E’s to guide us as we source materials for our collections - Ethics, Environment and Energy. We know where every stone came from – which country and which producer. Combined with our re-cycled only gold policy, we produce some of the most ethical and environmental jewellery available today.


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