Environmental Mined Canadian Diamonds

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Environmental  Mined Canadian Diamonds

The Ekati and Diavik Mines - Image courtesy Rio Tinto

Does our headline image surprise you? It probably seems like a contradiction? How can huge deep mines in the arctic be environmentally friendly? The answer is not so obvious, and though we prefer no mining to some mining, there is a logic to why we use Canadian mined diamonds in our jewellery. Here we explain the how and why.

High Environmental Standards

The Canadian Sub-Arctic, where the Ekati and Diavik mines are situated, is a fragile landscape. This extremely remote area is subjected to Canada’s strict environmental laws. Many permits and agreements are signed by Dominion Diamond Company and the Canadian government to preserve wildlife and protect the water, soil and air. The mines also comply with ISO140001: 2015. A strict standard for management of environmental processes.

Commitment to local communities

The Dominion Diamond Corporation, who own and manage the mines,  put a lot of emphasis on fair workers rights and benefits for the local indigenous people. A large part of the workers in the mine come from the local area. They receive training and healthcare. The mines also bring funds back to the region, which in turn are used for youth projects and a better educational system.

Ethical source

Everyone who has seen the movie ‘Blood Diamond’, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, knows about the issues surrounding mined diamonds. Diamonds are traded and used to fuel conflicts and civil wars in various parts of the world and are often mined using child labour. After the movie came out in 2006, the term "Blood diamonds" became a phrase well known to the general public and the issue received much media attention. Here at De Vindt we want to eliminate any suspicion of unethical, illegal or non-environmental friendly practices in our diamond supplies. Canadian diamonds are a great alternative to diamonds from other countries because Canadian Diamonds are 100% conflict free and mined in an ethical manner.

Canada Mark

Diamonds mined at the Ekati and Diavik mines, located in Canada’s Northwest Territories, are marked with the prestigious Canada Mark. This mark ensures the buyer that a diamond is “responsible mined with respect for the sustainability of the natural environment and northern people”. It also ensures that the stone is tracked by an independent body from the origin in the mine to the polished stone. A unique number is allocated to every diamond and this can easily be traced. The Canada Mark is established by the owner of the Ekati And Diavik mines, Dominion Diamond Corporation (DDC) and is well respected and trusted by the jewellery industry and consumers.

Why we use Canada Mark diamonds

Here at De Vindt we believe that every generation carries the responsibility to make the world better and leave it intact for future generations. From lab created diamonds and recycled gold to Canadian ethical diamonds; each and every small part of our product is governed by the 3 E’s.

We apply these three E’s - Ethics, Environment and Energy efficiency, to every step during the creation of our jewellery. Lab created diamonds help us to make sure our products are 100% conflict free and sustainable for the environment. However, lab diamonds are not easily available under 0.2 carats. Why take a large stone and cut it into lots of smaller stones.? Its not economic and its wasteful. So at this moment the very small diamond stones (called melee) that are used to surround a main stone such as for a halo, or for the small side stones on a ring, are made from Canadian diamonds. It is possible for us to get very small lab diamonds and we can do this on a custom basis, but for regular rings, this is not practical. To make sure the three E’s also apply to our smaller diamonds we source these only from Canada, where diamond mining is subjected to very strict environmental and labour laws. We do not and will not use mined diamonds that are not Canada Mark..

See for more information about ethical Canadian diamonds: www.canadamark.com

About Us

Whatever the location of your proposal, ethical diamonds and recycled gold are now popular choices. We know from where every stone came, from which country and which producer. Combined with our re-cycled only gold policy, De Vindt produces some of the most ethical and environmental friendly jewellery available today.


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