Being ethical is more than being environmental, it's about the sort of world we want to live in. Read More
    • You say that you are ethical, but what does that mean?
      Our ethical philosophy permeates our entire business approach: the materials we use for manufacture, our packaging, giving back to communities, but also how we do business, how we treat our staff and suppliers, how we treat our customers. We believe that not only is being an ethical company the right way to be from a moral standpoint, we also believe it's good for our business. A win win.
    • Do you sell jewellery using Fairtrade gold?
      We do not use fairtrade gold. Our core objective is the production of fine jewellery with minimal environmental impact. Fairtrade gold is new mined gold with an environmental impact. We prefer to use recycled gold and contribute to mining communities and those impacted via our Circles of Giving programme. Circles of Giving supports initiatives for clean water, tree replanting and education for communities affected by mining. You can read about this on our Give Back page.

    There are moral and environmental issues with using mined diamonds. Read More
    • Why do you not want to use mined diamonds?
      It is very difficult to separate conflict diamonds from non conflict diamonds, even though the Kimberly process has been in operation for many years. Additionally mined diamonds have a high environmental impact. With the recent availability of high quality created diamonds, it's not necessary for us to use mined diamonds except in some circumstances. We use mined diamonds in some of our very small white stones in our Elegance and Diva collections. In the future, we hope we can change that also.
    • What are conflict diamonds?
      Conflict Diamonds, sometimes called blood diamonds, are diamonds sourced from a conflict area or war zone. This includes areas where child exploitation or slavery are considered to take place.
    • What is the Kimberly process?
      The Kimberly process is an international agreement among diamond producers and the key players in the diamond supply chain. Its objective is to keep conflict diamonds out of the supply chain to consumers and seeks to ensure that consumers can buy mined diamonds with a clear conscience. The Kimberly process requires, amongst other things, an audit trail and transparency for all mined diamonds sold. It is widely acknowledged that Kimberly has had only limited success.
    • Why do you not want to use mined gold?
      Mined gold has the same environmental disadvantages as mined diamonds, in some ways there is a higher environmental impact. Cyanide and mercury are commonly used in gold mining. Both chemicals are long lived toxic materials that remain in the environment, pollute water sources and damage biological systems.
    • Why do you not use Fairtrade gold?
      Fairtrade gold is mined gold, often bought from very small local gold mines. We believe in helping miners and communities but not at the risk of the environment. Our Circles of Giving programme repairs the earth and peoples lives without impacting the earth. We believe that using recycled gold combined with our circles of giving programme is better for the environment and the miners.

    At De Vindt we aim to source all diamonds and precious metals as ethically as possible. While this isn't possible for the smallest caret stones, we still use Kimberly certified diamonds for them. Read Less
      All these terms refer to real diamonds manufactured in laboratories as opposed to diamonds mined from the ground. They are basically different names for the same thing - we prefer to use the term "created". The important thing to note is that created diamonds are real diamonds, in every way they are chemically and physically the same as natural diamonds. Do not be confused with the term "simulant". Simulants are gems that look similar to diamond but are not diamond. Examples of simulants are mossanite and cubic zirconia. Simulants do not have the same sparkle, nor are they as hardwearing as diamond. None of our jewellery uses simulants.
      We use real diamonds, both mined stones and created. All of our coloured diamonds are created. While we would like to use only created white diamonds, at this time our smaller stones, used as side stones and pave, are mined. The reason is there is not enough availability of stones smaller than 10 points (0.10ct) to use in production jewellery. This will probably change in the future and De Vindt will be moving to 100% created diamonds when smaller stones become more available.
      Our diamonds are real diamonds. Cubic Zirconia, Mossanite and diamond substitutes (for example hybrids) are not chemically or physically diamond. While they may superficially look similar, they are not as hard or chemically resistant as diamond. Only real diamonds will last and remain beautiful for a lifetime.
      No, there are enough companies selling those. We focus on quality created diamonds.
      Recycled gold is gold from used jewellery that has been returned to a goldsmith for melting and remixing. The proportions of minor materials, copper, silver etc are readjusted to the correct proportions for the purity of gold being produced. Only approved companies are allowed to recycle precious metals and this process is heavily regulated and controlled.

    We understand that ring design is incredibly personal, so to create your perfect ring we offer a consultation and customisation service. Read More
    • Do you hallmark your jewellery and can I change the hall marked location?
      We use a Belgian hallmark because that is where our jewellery is made. We do not provide other national hallmarks as a customisation option.
    • I see you can customise rings but do you sell loose diamonds that are not mounted in jewellery?
      We only sell diamonds as part of jewellery, no loose diamonds are available.
    • If I see a nice ring somewhere else, can you make it for me?
      At the moment we only modify our own designs which you can see on our website.
    • Why do you not sell earrings and necklaces?
      This we will consider doing if there is enough customer demand.
    • Can you make jewellery with other gold types, 14kt, 22kt etc?
      At the moment we use 18kt gold, in the future we may offer other gold purities depending on customer demand, but not at the moment.
    • You provide a GIA certificate as standard, what if I want a certificate for the other stones?
      On the A La Carte page you can order extra certificates. Your extra certificate order will be processed via the shopping cart using the same process as for a ring purchase. Certificates are only available for stones of 0.40ct and larger. You must order extra certificates at the time of ring purchase, we do not accept certification requests after a ring has been shipped.
    • Why do I have to buy the customisation service when I want to customise a ring?
      We will do a free initial consultation with you prior to asking you to order the custom ring service. The initial customisation discussion will be either by telephone or social media chat (Skype/Facebook messenger or Whatsapp). After the initial consultation, if you want to proceed, you will need to order the customisation service. Customising a ring requires that we do design work and sometimes a prototype wax model is produced. If you subsequently order the final ring then the cost of the customisation is discounted off the final ring price.
    • Can you provide extra certificates for your stones?
      Yes, we can provide additional certificates from GIA or IGI, the worlds largest and most respected diamond testing and certification agencies. The actual agency used for lab testing and certification is your choice. In addition to providing a certificate, we laser inscribe each certificated diamond over 0,40 carat with a unique identifying number on the girdle (rim). Be aware that extra certificates are a customisation and will take longer to deliver that a standard ring order.
    • Why do you not sell plain wedding bands?
      We focus on jewellery that contains created diamonds. Wedding bands can easily be bought from many other suppliers and there is little advantage in us providing them at this time. Depending on customer demand, we might change this policy.

    How to keep the sparkle in your ring. Read More
    • Can I use an ultrasonic cleaner with De Vindt jewellery?
      De Vindt jewellery is no different from other diamond jewellery, therefore ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended.
    • How best do I clean a gold ring containing diamonds?
      The best way is to use a soft clean cloth and wipe away any grease and dirt from the stones. Diamonds are very hard and not easily scratched or damaged, but gold can be scratched by abrasive cloths, so try and use a cloth free from loose dirt and grit.

    We use a specialist jewellery shipping company for all shipments, and your items are insured for 100% of their value during the shipping process. Read More
    • Can I buy using Paypal or currencies other than € and £ ?
      We only accept € and £.
    • What payment options do you support?
      You can use Paypal payments or Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Exceptionally, you can use a bank transfer, but you will need to contact our customer care centre to arrange that.
    • Can I ship to an address other than the one listed against the debit/credit card I use for payment?
      No. The ship to address and individuals card address must always match the card details.
    • I don't live in the European Union, can you still ship to me?
      We only ship within the European Union. There are countries we will not ship to. This is a complicated area best handled by contacting our customer care centre. Our contact details are on our contact page.
    • Why should I have an account with you, when I can place an order as a guest?
      There are advantages to having the account, you can track status of your order and take advantage of discounts for second and repeat orders. For a first order, it gives you better visibility of your order and delivery process.
    • Is your shipping safe and secure?
      Yes, your items are insured for 100% of their value while in transit with our specialist courier. Within Europe the shipping price is normally included within the ring price, if it is not, you will see this on the shopping cart as an extra line item during the checkout process.
    • Do I need to personally sign for receipt of your shipment?
      Yes, The package will be be sent to the ship to address you use in the checkout process, the person listed in the checkout process will need to sign for the package. The shipper will not leave the package with anyone else.
    • How long does it take to ship?
      It can take from 3 days to 10 days to have goods leave our facility. You will received a confirmation email on order placement and a second email when the goods are shipped. You can also see additional information if you have opened an account with us.
    • Are you a drop shipper?
      No, we design and manufacture our own jewellery.

    You can return an item subject to our returns policy which contains detailed information on the returns process. Read More
    • Are there any special requirements for returned items?
      Yes, we will inspect each item returned and check that the item is undamaged and as supplied by us originally. You will need to use a registered shipper with insurance. The cost of shipping the return back to us is paid by you. Please contact our customer services team via the contact page if you need further clarification.

    We use accepted security practices, including SSL encryption and active filtering techniques. Read More
    • Is you website secure?
      While we can't go into detail about our security provisions, we can say that we do follow industry best practice.
    • Do you share my personal information?
      No, we do not share your personal information with anyone, including our payments providers. They collect information separately when you fill in the separate payments popup form during the checkout process. See the Privacy link in the website footer for a more detailed explanation of customer data privacy.
    • Why do I get redirected to a Paypal popup page when I use a credit card?
      For both Paypal's own payment system and credit card payment handling, we use Paypal as our payment processing company. We do this because customers know and trust Paypal. The Paypal popup screen is generated by Paypal, we do not see the personal details you enter into the popup form.
    • Why do I have to enter my customer details twice during the checkout process, once in your form and once in the Paypal popup form?
      This happens because we need to know who you are and something about you to be able to accept the order and to have a correspondence and shipping address. Paypal collect the information in their form because they need to know something about you before they can validate and accept any payments you make. We do not see, and we do not want to see, your credit card information and payment details. We do not pass your personal information to Paypal, and they do not pass your personal information to us.
    • Do you use cookies to track me?
      No, we don't use cookies on this site. Our cookie policy can be seen in full by clicking the Privacy link in the web footer of this website.
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