Delivery & Returns

    • Our delivery and returns policy

      While we strive at all times to provide you with quality products that meet or exceed your expectations, on occasion you may decide you want to return an item you purchased to us.

      De Vindt has a single return policy for jewellery and all returned jewellery items are subject to the following conditions:

      • The jewellery is unchanged from its original condition we sold to you.
      • The jewellery packaging and any accessories are still intact.
      • The jewellery is returned within 14 days of your receipt of the item.
      • Stones have not been laser inscribed or damaged and any original diamonds certificates are included in the package returned to us.
      • We will always inspect returned items of jewellery. Our inspection process can take up to 14 days.
      • It is your responsiblity to return the item.
    • Returns Procedure
      1. Before you return anything to us, you should email us at, we will give you a unique returns number that should be written on the packaging you send to us.
      2. You should returrn your jewellery in the original package in which it was sent and include any certificates or documentation that were sent with the original delivery. Failing to do so could result in a delay in processing your return or in a deduction from any amount refunded.
      3. All returns should be sent to:

        De Vindt,
        62 Keizersgracht,
        1015CS, Amsterdam,
        The Netherlands
      4. We will not be liable for any shipping loss incurred as a result of your shipping, non arrival of a shipped product is not evidence of receipt by us.
      5. Because of 4) above, we recommend that you insure your package when shipped and use specialist shipping companies that are willing to ship and insure high value jewellery products.
      6. Email us the shipping date and parcel tracking number along with the name of the shipping company to
      7. On receipt of an item, we will inspect the product for damage, be it physical or chemical. We will look for signs of wear and presence of any certificates or accessories sent with the original shipment. Inspection can take up to 14 days. It may be that we require additional information from you as part of this inspection process. Failure or delay in providing this information by you could delay our inpsection decision and hence any refund or product replacement.
      8. Following inspection, if a refund is due, we will action a refund within 5 working days. If a product replacement is due, we will ship the new product within 5 days, subject to the product availability clauses in our Terms and Conditions, available on this website.