100 days of Mothers Day

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100 days of Mothers Day

One Hundred Mothers Days . This 100 year old tradition, which first started in America, is now celebrated all over the world, a thank you to mums everywhere. It’s easy to say thank you for a day - messages, cards and flowers are perfect for that, but how do you say a special thank you, one that will give her a lasting memory of you and that special day?

Choosing Fine Jewellery for Mother’s Day

Whether you are looking for an exceptional gift for a new mother, a special aunt or your own wonderful mum, Mother’s Day is a good occasion to show your appreciation. Fine diamond jewellery can often express feelings far better than words alone, fine jewellery is lasting and is worn – so stays close. Diamonds traditionally indicate love, value and eternity, but what if she prefers some colour in her jewellery? Does she like vintage or modern?

Vintage Diamond Rings – an age of elegance

Mums who have a connection with the past might prefer a vintage-inspired or antique jewellery gift. Choose vintage diamond rings with one, two or more stones, side stones are de riguer. Traditionally vintage rings do not mix gold colours and use basic stone settings such and bezel and tiffany. See our vintage page for ideas on vintage rings.

Pisa vintage diamond ring, bezel setting with square princess stone

A touch of colour

Maybe she prefers a splash of colour? With De Vindt, now you can personalise the ring by choosing a blue, pink or yellow solitaire diamond in a round or princess shape for a truly unique gift.

18 ct white gold Pisa ring with 0.70ct Blue centre diamond.

These colours diamonds are available across the range of De Vindt rings, so it’s possible to give her the diamond ring she wants and with her favourite stone colour.

Earrings and Pendants

Earrings are a popular jewellery gift and easy to buy. With rings you need to know the ring size, with earring an pendents you do not. Again, at De Vindt style and diamond colour can be mixed.

De Vindt orange diamond earrings and pendant, also available with white centre stones

If you have ideas of your own, consider custom designed diamond rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces or earrings that feature the elements you imagine. Select an ethical gift that captures the style of the recipient for a gesture that will be cherished for years to come.

Ethical jewellery

Ethical Jewellery is the ideal Mother’s Day gift that fits with the mothering ideal. Now more than ever, people are interested and aware of the ethical and environmental impact their purchases have. De Vindt only uses 100% re-cycled gold and precious metals. We only use ethical Canadian diamonds and lab created coloured diamonds. Our mission, be the most ethical, environmental and energy efficient diamond jewellery producer that technology today allows.

What about you?

We’d love to hear your questions and feedback about this article. Why not tell us your ideas for items you would like to give for mothers day and why. Reply in the comments section below.


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